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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daily Nosh

What I ate today:
Skim milk 1 C - 1.6
Fiber One - (1.52)
Smart & Delicious Tortilla - 1.52
Swiss cheese 26g - 2.76
Chicken 50g - 3.64
Fat Free Ranch 17g - .5
Aunt Millies Slimwiches - 1.48
Morning Star Tomato & Basil Pizza Burger - 2.28
Fat Free Ranch 17g - .5
water 32oz - (.32)
Skim milk 1 C - 1.6
Skim milk 1 C - 1.6
plain yogurt - 2.6
blueberries 100g - .6
Target brand Light Butter popcorn - 1.8
Target brand Light Butter popcorn - 1.8 (2 servings per bag. I did share with the dog)
Vitatop Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip - .92

Total of 23.36 points
I have actually allotted myself 22 points per day. I'm adjusting and I don't feel bad about going over. I think I overestimated a few things anyway.

Exercise: Vacuuming ( with my new Bissell Multicyclonic Pet Hair Lifter Vacuum)
Helping my friend at her property getting ready for the wedding on Saturday. We weeded the blueberry patch and hung up the sides of the tent. It was very tiring. I think I waited too long to eat between lunch and dinner and ended up with a massive migraine. I don't think I will need to take anything to help me sleep tonight. Maybe I can get up at a decent time too.

Question of the day - Snacks
Do you find that eating a snack makes you hungry for another snack? For example, when I eat popcorn, I want chocolate. When I have peanut butter, I want chocolate. You get the picture ;)

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