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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Product Review

Found this at Walgreen's of all places.
Wyler's Light Singles to go! Wild Strawberry (Fiber) 6 ct box
Wyler's Light Singles To Go in Wild Strawberry with Fiber

Yes folks, that's right, FIBER! It's sugar free and only 10 cal per packet. 2.6 dietary fiber. That's 2.6 g of fiber per packet! According to my handy dandy WW point calculation, that is -.32 points. Yes, negative. I like things that are negative points. It balances out some of the higher point items. It costs $1 for 6 packets. I'm trying to find a better deal. On Walgreens website, the price is $.93 but then you have to pay for shipping. Booooo, shipping!

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