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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daily Nosh

What I ate today:
Skim milk 1 C - 1.6
Fiber One - (1.52)
Special K - 2.44
Tortilla chips 1oz - 2.8
Mango Salsa 28g - .2
Mango Salsa 28g - .2
Hummus 1oz - 1.6
virginia lite ham 80g - 1.14
Aunt Millies Slimwiches - 1.48
Delallo Provolone 14g - 1.32
Kung Pao Chicken - HG - 4.32
Skim milk 1 C - 1.6
Skim milk 1 C - 1.6

Total 18.78 points. Not a bad day. I have some points to play with if I need a snack later. Probably just water. I seem to be really thirsty. That might be why I feel like I am getting a headache.

Didn't really do much today. I ran some errands and went to a couple estate sales. I was going to mow the lawn (1. it really needs it and 2. it would be exercise!) but since I don't sleep well at night, I was getting tired and took a nap. Now of course taking a nap during the day is not going to help my not being able to sleep during the night. It is a vicious cycle that I hope to break before I find a job.

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