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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Daily Nosh

What I ate today:

Skim milk 1 C - 1.6
Fiber One 30g - (1.52)
Special K 31g - 2.34
cinnapie 115g - 8.82
papajohns - 6
Fiber One bar - 1.56
water 32oz - (.32)
WW Mac & cheese - 5.16
Cauliflower 247g - (.247)
Smartfood Popcorn Cluster - 1.28
Popcorn 38g - 1.72

Total points 26.4 however I did ride my bike for 6 miles and took the dog for a walk for 1.5 miles. My activity points brought my point consumption back in line. It was one of those days that I just felt the need to snack. Basically everything was healthy with the exception of the Papa Johns Pizza and Cinnapie. Why do bad things taste so good?

By having the Papa Johns pizza and working out, they basically cancel each other out. I bet if I weigh myself tomorrow, I maintained the same weight. I have to remember I am not in maintenance mode yet. Next time I crave pizza, I'm going to go the Hungry Girl route. I don't know if this is her recipe exactly but:
Tortilla - high fiber/Arnold Select sandwich thin/WW English Muffin
pizza sauce
reduced fat cheese (even fat free has come a long way)
turkey bacon
tons of veggies

Cauliflower is negative points. WOOHOO! Cover it with pizza sauce and everything tastes the same anyway. :)

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