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Monday, September 14, 2009

Daily Nosh

What I ate today:

Skim Milk 8oz - 1.6
Breakfast Sandwich
Arnold Select - 1.08
Egg beaters 1/4c - .6
Egg beaters 1/8c - .3
Reduced fat cheddar 28g - 1.56
Veggie sausage patty - 1.64
Veggie sausage patty 1/2- .82
Fiber One bar - 1.24
Tortilla chips 1oz - 2.6
Tortilla chips 1oz - 2.6
Reduced fat cheddar 49g - 3.64
Smartfood popcorn - 1.28

Total points 18.96. I still have a few for a snack/dinner tonight. My breakfast sandwich that I made ended up being more points than anticipated. Then I threw out about 1/4 of it so that is why the points and servings look weird. I was excited when I found the Morning Star Farms Sausage patties. I'm hoping I just nuked them too long. They were really tough and hard to chew. I'm thinking I can pair down my breakfast sandwich to 5.18 points. And that is with reduced fat cheddar. I'm going to look for fat free singles. I tried fat free cheese eons ago and texture and melting capability just wasn't there. But I think the cheeses have improved. We'll see.

I took the dog for a walk 1.5 miles and I mowed the backyard for an hour. Whew! I'll be glad when the grass stops growing, although that will mean winter is here. Boo! :(

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