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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daily Nosh

What I had:

Skim Milk 8oz - 1.6
Fiber One 30g - (1.52)
apple 199g - 1.11
Arnold Select - 1.08
Low fat mayo - .38
Tomato 35g - .03
Lettuce 20g - 0
Turkey Bacon - .94
Turkey Bacon - .94
Tomato & roasted red pepper soup 8oz - 1.96
Lean Cuisine Asian style pot stickers - 4.92
Skim Milk 8oz - 1.6
Skim Milk 8oz - 1.6
popcorn - ?

Total calculated points 14.65. I shared the popcorn with the dog and, yes, I had butter. It tasted good too. Caffeine free diet Dr. Pepper. Yummy. I need to ride my bike tomorrow. I took a few days off. It seemed that I was burning calories and it just made me want to eat more. Seems to defeat the purpose of exercise, don't you think? I seem to eat less when I have something constructive to do. Like today my mom was here, helped me take the pets to the vet. I ate really well. Even dinner was good. I was watching TV tonight and HAD TO HAVE A SNACK. Popcorn it was. The butter just called my name from the fridge. Stupid butter.

Interview tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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