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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Daily Nosh

Skim Milk 8oz - 1.6
Fiber One 30g - (1.52)
apple 90g - .5
Fiber One bar - 1.24
Pita chips 1oz - 1.84
Pita chips 1oz - 1.84
hummus 56g - 3.2
Skinny Cow - 2.32
Pita chips 1oz - 1.84
WW Lasagna - 5.48
Skinny Cow - 2.32

Total points 20.66. Plus I rode my bike for 9.16 miles. I had only gone 6 miles this summer so far. And this route was much more hilly. I had to walk a couple times but I finished. I've haven't been eating the best but I have stayed within points so I'm hoping tomorrow's weigh in will be good.

Went to Costco today and got some healthy things. Arnold Select sandwich thins, Dole pineapple chunks, pita chips, frozen vegetables, canned chicken, capers, and Laughing Cow. And shared a box of Skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. OMG...those are great!

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