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Friday, December 18, 2009

Vanity Sizing


Now it is no secret that the sizing of clothes has changed over the years. And as frustrating as it is not knowing what size you are going to be from store to store, here is the reason why: vanity sizing. Americans are willing to pay more for a smaller size on our clothes. We like the smaller size in the closet so we can say, "yeah, I'm a size 4". This vanity sizing phenomenon has certainly contributed to the ever growing American population...and I don't mean the number of people. Americans are getting fatter and the vanity sizing from clothing companies are enabling us. Here is an interesting article in the Seattle Times.

So what is your true size? To really know what your true size is, you should go to European clothing companies such as Boden or H&M or sewing patterns. The pattern companies are still using the commercial sizing standards that the Department of Commerce regulated up until 1983. It seems once again, America has their own way of doing things.

Another helpful site for clothing conversions.

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