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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Healthy Body Water Percentage Chart

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Lisa Shea
BellaOnline's Low Carb Editor

Healthy Body Water Percentage Chart

Water is critical to life! This healthy body water percentage chart will help you determine if you have enough water in your system. Many scales will tell you this value in seconds.

Because your fat in your body has a lot of water in it, you have to first know how much fat you have in your body before you can then figure out what your healthy water content is. That is, if you say have 33% fat in your body, then you only need another 37% of water alone, because you have water in the fat. The scales don't count "fat water" as water, otherwise your numbers would get very confusing :)

Luckily, every scale that I've seen that measures water also measures fat, at the same time!

Female Body Water Chart

Body Fat % Body Water %
4-20% 58-70%
21-29% 52-58%
30-32% 49-52%
33%+ 37-49%

Male Body Water Chart

Body Fat % Body Water %
4-14% 63-70%
15-21% 57-63%
22-24% 55-57%
25%+ 37-55%

So the key here is that as you lose fat, you need to have more water in your system to compensate. Your body will tend to do this naturally for you. That is part of why it's key, as part of any healthy diet, to drink a lot of water. You should never "lose weight" by losing water. That can cause dehydration issues, which can be quite serious!

NOTE: One of my visitors feels that fat is only 10% water while other parts of your body might be 70% water. Yes certainly an eyeball might be mostly water while a fat cell might contain mostly fat and only some water. Still, it is important to remember that there is water / liquid in pretty much every single cell in the body in some percentage. You want to have that water in your body to help relay chemicals and nutrients back and forth. Never try to "stop drinking water" to lose weight. Quite the opposite. The more water you drink, the more your body pees out any excess and has the most optimal metabolism it can to lose weight.

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