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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 Things To Do Instead of Eating

Here is a list of things to do to keep your hands busy so as not to start snacking. Sometimes when I'm bored or just mindlessly watching TV or hanging around the house with nothing to do, I'll snack.

  1. Knit! - Or crochet. It is a hot craft and if you have yarn and needles in your hands you can not eat mindlessly. You would have to make a conscious effort to put down your project to pick up food. Honestly, today all I had was coffee until about 2 pm. I know that's not good either BUT I did not snack.
  2. Exercise! - Who can exercise and eat at the same time? Don't answer that or try it. I'm sure it is possible but why would you want to?
  3. Clean! - Seriously, we have to do it. We may not like it. But it is necessary unless you want Clean House and Niecey Nash coming to visit you.
  4. Take a nap! - Yay naps! Love them. Wish I could do it everyday. And those kids who refuse to take a nap now? Tell them you wish you could be as lucky as they are.They still won't appreciate it but it's worth a try.
  5. Pamper yourself! - That's right. Try a facial mask. Who is going to eat when you have crap all over your face? Of course, that is assuming the facial mask is not homemade from oatmeal and sugar and taste like a cookie.

Now, get off the couch and stop eating!

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