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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Becoming a Skinny Bitch

I recently picked up Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. While I have never claimed to be a vegetarian, I can go several days without eating meat. I do not crave meat. After reading this book, it most certainly is going to make me go full vegetarian. I'm not sure about going vegan although the claims regarding dairy products I find quite interesting and I plan on researching it to find out if it is true.

Looking back to prehistoric times, there were no processed foods. You killed and gathered what you needed. As a society we have become lazier and like to purchase in bulk. To purchase in bulk and not have it go bad, the foods need to be preserved. Is there really a link to the preservatives and modern diseases? You would hope that the FDA and the USDA would have our best interests in mind. According to the book, all the agencies are in cahoots with the farming and food processors.

While I am not sure about the benefits or disadvantages of animal by-products, I do disagree with the treatment of animals prior to be slaughtered. Politics seem to play into everything and it is a little discouraging that these politicians can not seem to focus on important issues. The public health and safety should be first. Not where and when they are going on vacation/holiday (Congress). Seriously...

I have ordered my free vegetarian starter kit from There is a disturbing video of animal cruelty on the site. I can not bring myself to watch it. Yes, I eat emoticon, emoticon and emoticon but I do not think any living being should be tortured that did nothing wrong.

I am one to research everything before delving in. I know that pop, either diet or regular, is bad for you. I have been a diet pop drinker for years. I love me a big fountain pop! However, the book claims that there is a deadly acid in pop. I have to research this more but I am phasing pop out.

Start small and work your way on to a Skinny Bitch! emoticon

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