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Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to Reward Good Behavior

This is from the Lifestyles Change Strategies - Strategy #3

How to reward good behavior
Can you imagine working for a boss who:

- Notices every mistake you make
-Reminds you of these mistakes at every opportunity
- Belittles you, points out your faults, and minimizes achievement whenever you start to
feel good about yourself
- Never acknowledges what you do right with so much as a kind word or small reward

Ironically, the job I was let go from did just that. It was a very toxic environment and I am glad to be gone.

Anytime something traumatic happens in your life, you always question if it was you or not. This mental therapy has been going on for over a year. (The job market sucks here in Michigan). So until I get a new job, I will probably still question myself even though I do not truly believe it.

As for the weight is a slow process. I reward myself too often and it is inhibiting my goals. I have a bunch of new friends to hang out with and all we have done so far is eat and drink! Believe it or not, I am limiting that. But obviously not enough. I will be taking the rest of this week to develop a new strategy of my own.

March 1st, here I come!

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