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Monday, January 3, 2011

How to find a new gym

As with most New Year's resolutions, many people are looking at gym memberships. Some questions to ask yourself before signing the dotted line and laying down the bucks:

  • Is the gym convenient to your home or work? If you have to go out of your way, you will make excuses not to go.
  • Do your research on the gym - many companies don't make it. Make sure you pick a reputable company with a good track record.
  • Introductory offer - What does it entail? What are you getting for our money?
  • Know what it takes to get out of a contract - You sign for a year and something comes up after 3 months. Know what your options are.
  • What is your goal? - Focusing on strength or cardio? Make sure the gym offers what you are looking for.

Your health is an investment. Research your options. Your body will thank you!

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