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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Turkey Lettuce Wrap

It's lunchtime! What to use when you can't have bread anymore? Use lettuce leaves! I haven't had bread since Saturday. I can't really tell a difference yet but BB hasn't had bread for 2 weeks! Good job, babe! He can tell a huge difference in how he feels. 

To assemble:

lettuce leaf (I used green lettuce. Romaine is also hearty)
turkey slices (as natural as possible)
a little guacamole from here
red pepper sticks

Roll 'em up and eat 'em!

If the guac is made up ahead of time, this is super fast to assemble. And it tastes good to boot!

The cost breakdown:

2 avocados $1.00 (on sale this week 2/$1.00)
1/4 red onion $.50 approx
1 roma tomato $.50 @ $1.29/lb
1 lime $.34

lettuce $.99 a bunch
turkey $2.33
red pepper $1.00 @ $2.99/lb

Approx cost per roll up $.75! And that is being generous on the portions!

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