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Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm not an expert by any means...

...but I just don't eat the right things. 

If I do want to eat out at night, I have to plan for it. 

Many restaurants seem to have a smart menu now and you can plan ahead of time. 

I hate exercising. The gym isn't bad but I certainly don't want to get up at the crack of dawn. I can't wait for no snow on the ground so I can walk outside. 

Are you tracking what you eat in any program? I found that that helps. I use My Fitness Pal for everything. I also have a food scale. I measure EVERYTHING. Puts the food quantity in perspective. I make BF's lunch and he takes that to work. You could do that too. 

Check this site (the guy is 55 and looks 25) for your cals needed and then you can put those stats into MFP.

It calculates that I should have about 1400/day. I have 1200 in MFP which gives me a 200 cal cushion. (Helpful for samples at Costco!)

My scale at home (which the BF says is about 10 lbs more than the gym) gives me calories needed to maintain. My calories needed to maintain this great body that I have 1697. If I only eat 1200/day for 7 days, that gives me a deficit of 3479 which is 21 cal short of 1 lb loss. Yeah, a pound of fat is 3500 cals. So you can see how hard it is to lose a pound without exercising. And if you are not eating right, it will take even more. Plus exercising means you need more cals. Calories = fuel. Unfortunately. Figure out what you need with percentages like carbs, protein, and fat. It will be helpful. Oh, and I still have diet pop and bread, just not a lot. 

So it's only been a week and not much has moved on the scale but I can tell. Let's see what week 2 brings!

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