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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fish, Fish, Baby!

What is high in protein and low in fat? FISH! Tilapia to be more precise. This was really filling for a 200 cal meal. Have more calories to spend? Double it! Triple it! Easily feed the family with it! 

It does not cost more to eat healthy at home. It also keeps you in control. You control the butter. You control the oil. You control the portions. 

Tilapia and Green Bean Medley

4oz Tilapia fillets
1 can cut green beans with sea salt drained
130 gr fire roasted diced tomatoes
1 garlic clove chopped

Start with either a little Pam spray or a tsp of EVOO. Saute chopped garlic. Add drained green beans and diced tomatoes. 

If the tilapia fillets are frozen, you can add them to your pan of veggies and cover until thawed or cooked. If you like your fish with a little crispiness, take the thawed fillets and pan fry with a little spray or a tsp of EVOO. 

Season fish with salt and pepper, Old Bay, or Sazon Seasoning to your liking. Seasoning will add minimal calories. 

Serves 1

Cal 195
Protein 29
Carb 21
Fiber 5
Fat 2
Chol 56

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