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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gyro Greek Salad

My fave place to go for lunch is a local chain called Fleetwood Bar & Grill. I love the Mediterranean dishes that they have and especially the Gyro Greek Salad. I found a fat free Greek Dressing at my local grocery store today so I recreated the Gyro Greek Salad at home. 

Gyro Greek Salad

2 slices of fully cooked gyro meat
2-3 cups of spring lettuce mix
85 gr chopped cucumber
85 gr chopped tomato
28 gr feta cheese
4 Tbs Greek dressing

The gyro meat came fully cooked from the grocery store but I pan fried (with a light spray of Pam) and then tore the meat to mix into the salad. 

You can also substitute 3oz chicken for an additional 30 calories. 

Serves 1

Cal 233
Protein 13
Carb 19
Fiber 5
Fat 11
Chol 37

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