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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Homemade Breakfast Sandwich

I don't always eat breakfast, but when I do...

I'd rather eat what I know. 

While I have had my fair share of McD's over the years, I have not been in 2015 at all. This is really a great accomplishment since I live between 2 different locations. Convenience at it's finest. 

I realized that I have not posted my Maple Breakfast Patties recipe yet so I will have to link to that later. 

Homemade Breakfast Sandwich

Serves 1

1/2 Flat Out flatbread (I used Light original but any flavor is acceptable)
1 extra large egg
1 liquid egg white
1 Finlandia Reduced Fat Cheddar slice
2 Maple Breakfast Patties

I use my little bullet blender for fast and consistent blending for my eggs. Use a small frying pan and let it cook in one piece. Flip or use a cover to cook the top side. Place the egg on half a flat out, add cheese, and add the heated breakfast patties. 

Note: If you do not want to make them from scratch, try AmyLu's chicken breakfast patties. The nutrition info will change so record accordingly. 

Once you see the breakfast patty recipe, you will see how easy it is and want to make them for yourself!

Serves 1

Cal 298
Protein 34
Carb 13 
Fiber 5
Fat 14
Chol 260

Compare to McD's
Cal 480
Protein 13
Carb 36 
Fiber 2
Fat 31
Chol 45 (that can't even be right! Is it not a real egg and sausage?)

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